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What does ISSUES Management Consulting Ltd. offer?

A way of thinking

Where, when and how should your organisation appear before the public? And what communications strategy and means should it use? ISSUES Management Consulting Ltd. provides full scale media consultancy. We help the leaders of organisations learn the skills that are necessary for effective communication. We organise training sessions and courses, where our clients can learn the latest and most effective communication techniques from experienced trained and leading media experts.


We believe in integrated communication, where every tool (website, advertising campaign, press releases) serve one purpose: the success of the organisation. Be it the improvement of the organisation’s image, the development of communication inside the company, sponsorship strategy or handling a crisis situation,, ISSUES can always provide unique solutions tailored exactly to the needs of your organisation.


Information is power. We provide our clients with the power that comes from being well-informed. We analyse the communication not only of the customer but its competitors as well. We prepare comprehensive media analyses and sector surveys. In addition to news from the media we provide information from our own sources in the news package. Based on all this information, we make a proposal for a communication strategy or for the changes we see as necessary in the new strategy.


Our colleagues have experience in working on either side of the „frontline”, which makes it possible for them to serve as a channel between the organisation and the media. Thanks to their connections in the world of the media, they are always up-to-date in media issues, which are so often almost undecipherable. At the same time, as their job experience includes the role of customers, they know exactly what an organisation needs.
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