ECHO EXPRESS flash report
BASIC PACKAGE for senior communications personnel
A proper self-image is indispensable for effective communication. Obviously, you have a self-image, and also have an idea of how others see you. As an executive, your probably receive from your staff briefs of articles about your company or your industry, and your mother-in-law has also heard on the radio some important news you would not know about otherwise. These scattered bits and peaces of information may be important in your everyday orientation. However, if you need more than this, if you want to base your communication strategy on an overview of your media coverage in the widest spectrum of the Hungarian media, using data from monitoring, recording and processing news, reports, articles, analyses that concern you, your competitors or your entire industry, then you will need the media monitoring and analysis service of ISSUES.

The media monitoring service of ISSUES is always tailored precisely to the needs of the client: you and our experts jointly prepare a list of issues and themes (in actual practice, it means keywords and expressions) for which we conduct searches. The list is changed, new items are added and old ones dropped as necessary. We collect your media coverage from the precious day, and ‘include it in your mail’ or send it by e-mail to anyone you name on your staff. If you request, we make summaries of the important articles in Hungarian and/or English.

ISSUES offers the following permanent or occasional monitoring services and their combinations:

Company monitoring

We monitor all types of articles and news items including your company’s name, and we process every item where it is mentioned. Whatever the context, the weight or length, whenever your name is mentioned, the article will be included in our summary report. Obviously, you can define the appearances that you find relevant, which will allow us to leave out coverage that you consider indifferent.

Theme monitoring

Interested in every article published about a theme? Should this theme be mentioned in the media in any form and context, the item will be included in our summary report. Obviously, here too, you can define what kind of coverage and media you consider relevant. You may also want to choose to use one or more of our permanent morning monitoring services: stock exchange, money markets, economic policy, insurance and funds.

Competition monitoring

You want to know what coverage your competitors have? Who would not want to know that? The summary reports, combined with company monitoring can be very useful. From this data you can make various charts that will help you position yourself in your industry. Monitoring your company and your competition on a permanent basis, you can follow how your media image changes in relation to your competitors’.

Event monitoring

You can follow the afterlife of events in the media using our permanent monitoring service—with data collected on an hourly basis if need be. A chronological survey of the coverage of an event will help you asses the efficiency of a media event, the results of a campaign or how an issue (e.g. a scandal) unfolds.


In our early morning alert service we select news items that are unfavourable for our clients. We will inform you of any negative coverage, which will allow you to start planning your response with your consultants immediately. By the time editorial meetings are over and journalists start making phone calls, you will be prepared to answer their questions.

Collection service

You may need to see all the articles published about a subject, a company or any other theme over a certain period. This service will help you access all the press coverage, favourable or unfavourable opinions or reviews about a subject. You will see which newspapers, magazines, online publications, TV or radio channels covered the theme and which did not. You can draw important conclusions even from the number of appearances.

Client gate

Using our client gate you can access all the documents compiled while working with ISSUES. All you need is your login name and password to retrieve the monitoring reports, collections, summaries, analyses, strategies, background materials etc. All documents are archived, and with your login name and password you can access your archives, too.
client gate (in Hungarian)