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ISSUES Management Consulting Ltd. was established in December 2003 by two private persons and an advertising agency, who realised that using the methods of issue management (still at an early stage of development in Hungary then) they could convey the message of their clients efficiently. By now, ISSUES Ltd. has become a key player on Hungary’s PR agency market, and enjoys a high reputation. The constantly growing circle of clients of ISSUES Ltd. include a wide range of customers from multinational companies to local medium size firms. Over the past six years, ISSUES Ltd. has won several public procurement tenders as well as tenders for private, government and EU communication campaigns.

Ever since its foundation, ISSUES Ltd. has turned profits, despite the fact that, recognising the interests of its customers, it has invested heavily in a wide range of development projects, including the purchase and instalment of media observer and analysis software, and the development of the company’s own newsletter software. Besides the founders and administrative employees, the staff includes a strategic director, an EU communications and tenders director and five consultants. The analysis and organisation division of ISSUES is comprised of five PR experts, and a network of consultants related to the company can also be deployed for projects.
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