You surf the Net and there you see every day that the world is no longer like it used to be a few years ago. The Internet has been around for a long time now, and in the past few years, Internet users have become the authors of much of the most relevant content – often distributed faster and attracting more attention than any other type of content. By now, it has become very common for people to consult Internet forums and blogs for information about something before they buy it, and they often form an opinion about things on the basis of what they have read about it on the Net.


Campaigns reaching hundreds or even thousands of people within a just a few hours run on blogs or community websites, but you can also make the same number of enemies just as fast. People’s voice matters on the Net. All serious image campaigns take this fact into consideration.


Besides using the classic PR and marketing techniques, it is highly beneficial to add Web 2.0 to your campaign and its media coverage. Posts, hyperlinks and images supporting your campaign can appear on community pages, websites, micro-blogs and forums. Your campaign may include a guerrilla campaign, or even start with one, when the right image or a funny video can spread wide and fast around the Web in just a few hours, and may even make the front page of major news portals.


ISSUES will help you find fans and supporters on community websites. These people will become your core group there – easy to keep permanent contact with and fast to mobilise. Community media increases the efficiency of your campaign significantly.


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