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Ildikó Váradi pr consultant

A biologist engineer by original trade, Váradi did the mass screening of newborn babies in Western Hungary until she came to realize that event organisation and marketing communication offer her a great deal more opportunities to meet people—adults and children, healthy and ill alike.

After several years of training in marketing and advertising management, Váradi worked in non-profit communication and lobbying. Until 2007, she was in charge of the communication of Kézenfogva Alapítvány (Holding Hands Foundation), where she organised nationwide road shows with trucks, communication campaigns aimed at persuading people to offer 1 % of their personal income tax to the foundation, and organised conferences and round table discussions.

She began to work for a communication agency in 2007, where she was in charge of the public communication of infrastructural and environmental projects.

Her main strengths are project management and event organisation, while her soft spots are gardens, flowers, green grass and a huge walnut tree, at the foot of which even hard work becomes so different...

She joined the ISSUES team in June 2010 as PR consultant.

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