ECHO EXPRESS flash report
BASIC PACKAGE for senior communications personnel
Special edition!
ECHO+, the media analysis software developed by ISSUES provides you with a tool to assess objectively what others think of you. Our media monitoring experts record all the available media coverage about you. ECHO+ processes the data that is collected according to a certain set of criteria, and generates statistics, tables of figures and diagrams. These rigid figures are then complemented with sensible conclusions and assessments by the media analysts of ISSUES, to help you optimise the communication of your organisation. Our analyses are permanently accessible through our online client gate.

Media analysis – company

We record and process all the coverage of your company, wherever the name of your company is mentioned. From the analysis you can find out what media have mentioned you, in what context they did so, and who said what about you to the media. If you use this service on a permanent basis, you can draw more in-depth conclusions from our monthly, quarterly, six-month or annual analyses: you will see very clearly where and how you should change your communication.

Media analysis – industry

ISSUES offers a service that, in addition to the Media analysis – company package, includes the media monitoring and analysis of your competitors. Media analysis – industry provides you with highly valuable extra information. These regular reports will help you compare the media image of your company to that of your competitors.

Media image

Media image is the name of a service in which we offer new clients, a service where the media monitoring experts of ISSUES collect the media appearances of the client over a period (e.g. a year) agreed on by the client and ISSUES. From the data collected ECHO+ assesses the client’s image in the Hungarian media. A quantitative and qualitative analysis of the data can serve as the basis of the communication strategy prepared jointly by ISSUES and the client.

Client gate

Through the client gate you can access all the documents ISSUES makes or collects in during our cooperation. This makes that, catalogued at one place, you can access all the documents and data from media monitoring, as well as the analyses, strategies, background materials etc. All these materials are archived, and are easily accessible in retrospect, too, through the client gate using your login name and password.
client gate (in Hungarian)