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We live in a labyrinthine network of interests.
It is of key importance for businesses to forward the information they possess to decision makers—in the right form and at the right moment. When drafting a new law or changing their earlier decisions, government offices intend to achieve certain goals but they cannot always predict all the social and economic effects of their decisions. This is why it is important to have someone who mediates between the two parties also in cases when institutional forums for an exchange of opinions are not available, or there is no time to call forums, committees or other bodies.

Lobbying is a legal form to get information to government decision makers, influence the process of decision making and represent interests.

Most of us in the ISSUES team have hands-on experience of the decision making mechanisms of government offices and the parliament. This experience helps clients find their way through the labyrinth of interests. Mediating between clients and politicians from all the parties in parliament or government officials, the lobby team of ISSUES helps decision makers base decision on more accurate information, and clients can be sure that their standpoints and arguments will be known to those involved in the process of drafting laws or measures, in due time.

Those who understand the rules of the game and can articulate their interests properly are ones step ahead of their competitors. “Be at the table if you don’t want to appear on the menu.”

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