Most of an organisation’s internal and external communication is in writing. Luckily, anybody can write about anything in a proper style, in sentences that are correct grammatically, with correct spelling. Just like playing football: it is easy when you look from outside. Don’t you think?

Texts we write are precise and written in good style. What we write is ready for press.

And this is exactly what matters. The romantic notion of writing articles in a café is a matter of the past. Today, journalists do not go to work at noon, do not engage in conversations for hours and write more than just one article a day. The journalist of our day is a craftsman who produces articles on a mass scale usually paid by the article. This is especially true of online journalists, who churn out 50-60 news items a day when they are on duty in the editorial office.

What do you think journalists need most under such conditions? We think it is perfect texts that are fully compliant with editorial standards in content and form, and can be copy-pasted into an article.

The copy that we at ISSUES write are easy to understand, meet all the needs and requirements of the media, and are always written with full consideration of the target group of the message. Our experts are experienced at news editing and journalism and will use their expertise when writing your press releases and PR articles. Working for a publishing house before he joined ISSUES, our full-time editor on staff checks all the texts we write.

If you request we will write also the speeches, opening addresses, inaugural speeches etc. of the CEO of your organisation, and check the presentations they will hold.

Your website is always there for anyone to see. It is that most of your clients will get the first impression about you. It is worth the time and effort: present yourself in the best form with the best content. Upon request, ISSUES will compile, write and/or edit the content on your intranet as well as in the company magazine or newsletter.

ISSUES is bilingual: our consultants are fluent in English, texts are translated by certified translators and copy-edited by a native editor.
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