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Following the previous year’s success of the campaign, in 2013 ISSUES Management was once again commissioned by the National Waste Management Agency (OHÜ) to organise the U grab it! (TeSzedd!) national waste collection day. Across the country, volunteering participants collected domestic waste that should normally have landed in waste-bins or selective collection containers but those who had produced them just threw it away or disposed of it illegally.

A great number of Hungarian and international examples demonstrate how the community benefits from such campaigns and how it changes awareness and attitudes. Participating in a campaign once is already enough for people to become more conscious of their behaviour and the environment, and also to encourage others to take more care of it. The purpose of “U grab it! 2013 – Team up for a cleaner Hungary” was to involve a large number of volunteers nationwide to clean large areas in their regions of illegally deposited waste, and to raise the population’s awareness of the importance of keeping their local environment clean.

In the campaign’s introductory phase, ISSUES was in charge of recruiting and managing volunteers. We used billboards, radio, television, as well as online and social media to generate nationwide interest in the campaign. We launched teszedd.hu, where volunteers could sign up and were directed to the collection sites closest to their homes.

The event moved the entire country: despite the rainy weather, some 100,000 people collected waste across Hungary on 14th September. ISSUES was also in charge of providing tools and organising the removal of the waste collected by volunteers. We dispatched over 100,000 bags and 200,000 pairs of gloves to the locations, where volunteers collected and bagged thousands of tons of waste.

ISSUES organized press conferences and interviews for the day of U grab it! Waste collection with the participation of ministers, and with the media invited, was held at two locations in Budapest and two in other cities. In addition to that, we ensured media coverage by issuing several press releases. U grab it! 2013 generated as many as 355 appearances in the mainstream media.
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